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Learn the secrets to understanding what masculine men are really like - through what they AREN'T!

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Purchase my detailed e-book for those of you ladies who want to have a better study into  the traits of a feminine energy man, so that you can be weary of these signs when dating to meet the masculine, provider man of your dreams!



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My Story


Carlee is a dating and relationship coach who holds a 

strong passion for leading women towards love and romance. 

She began her relationship teaching journey by 

explaining the importance of femininity through short 

TikTok reels. Soon, her content turned into relationship 

advice and understanding of the opposite sex. 

Her passion for teaching this long-lost dating 

information in a culture full of confusion shines through her 

videos. Carlee has helped and continues to help 

thousands of women understand themselves, and men, 

and build a value system that honors God.




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Femininity is what you do for your own emotional health. 

Masculine men just happen to love it. 💗